Dance Floor Sizing Tips

Dance Floor Set Up1. How many guests do you expect?

Generally, no more than 30% of your guests will be dancing at a certain time. A large floor is elegant, but will look odd with only 5 people on it, best to stay within this guideline and not have too little or too much flooring.

Floor Rental Sizes # of Guests # of Dancers Size of Dance Floor Total # of Tiles
Small 60 20 10ft x 10ft 100
Medium 100 30 12ft x 12ft 144
Large 150 50 15ft x 15ft 225
X-Large 200 70 18ft x 18ft 324

Require a different size? Let us know!

2. Do you have any space constraints? 

Need a tight rectangle in a corner? Visit or call your venue for measurements to get the best fit for your space and give us a call!